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Emmaus Correspondence School awards a number of special certificates to students who complete parts of the curriculum. These are awarded to a student who successfully completes all the required courses with a grade of 70% or higher.

Each certificate is made out in your name, showing the name of the course, date completed, grade, and units earned.


When a student successfully completes one of the correspondence courses, that student is entitled to a credit certificate.  The courses in this Bible study curriculum are “popular” in nature. This means satisfactory completion of these courses does not entitle the student to monetary or academic benefits. This does not minimize the benefits to be obtained from a consistent and regular study of the Scriptures. Other certificates are available and you can find more information on our web site or by contacting our office in Dubuque.


The price of the course includes the cost of grading. Please click the links above to purchase courses.

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