Bible Book Challenge 2017–Registration

Welcome to the 2017 Bible Book Challenge! This is the nineth year of the challenge where local churches, Bible study groups, and even families engage in a friendly competition, by studying a Bible book using an ECS Ministries Bible study courses. The challenge this year is using The Book of Acts.

It tells how the gospel made its way westward until at last it reached Rome. It is a book of people and places. You will find this study simple yet stimulating and satisfying. It is a fast-moving survey of those stirring events which changed everything.

Get a team together of at least 5 people who commit to reach the finish line. Check out the invitation poster and the Rules and Guidelines detailed below. Then register your team for the Bible study and participate in the challenge!

"A Group Self Study"

Register Opens October 1st 

A structured learning opportunity of a group self study through a book of the Bible. However no one has to study alone! This friendly challenge is to encourage churches, Bible study groups, and even families to compete for the highest overall score on their exams.

Last year, from all across the country, over 1,000 people accepted the challenge to study the Bible using one of Emmaus Correspondence Schools’ Bible study courses. With encouragement from the head office, you to benefit from group accountability, friendly competition with other teams, spiritual feedback on exams, personal completion certificates, and several live events there has never been a better time to join the challenge.

This year we will be studying Acts, by R. E. Harlow. We have divided the course into 3 segments of four lessons each. Teams will submit them together for grading and then we’ll return them promptly to you. This year teams will also have access to a group study guide that can used conjunction with each chapter of the course. The challenge begins in January and conclude in April.

It will be a blessing to study God’s Word together. We are praying for you to gather a team who are hungry to know more of our Savior, and who will challenge each other to be faithful in their study. Teams are made up of at least 5 members. To begin, gather participants and pick a coordinator (who will communicate with our office and distribute team materials).

The Book of Acts

R.E. Harlow
Units: 2
Edition: AK '16
Pages: 112
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN #: 978-0-940293-33-5

Preview the first chapter below!

Schedule & Rules

Registration: October 1 – December 5, 2016
Challenge Start Date: January 1, 2017
Challenge Finish Date: April 26, 2017

Price: Only $10.00 per participant (includes course book, correction services, spiritual feedback, live events, plus FREE SHIPPING of all course material and exams!)

  • Each team must have at least 5 participants.
  • Each participant will complete the exams individually.
  • A designated coordinator will be responsible to receive the materials and mail back the completed answer sheets to ECS Ministries.


  • For ALL participant who completes the course and sends in the exams for grading—a certificate.
  • For the team(s) with the highest average score—a certificate and a coupon for each participant.

Challenge Links

Preview the Bible Book Challenge Poster (PDF)

Download and Print the Registration Form (PDF)

Download and Print the Single Page Answer Sheets (PDF)

Read the Rules and Guidelines (PDF)

Mailing Deadlines

Unit #

Must be Postmarked by:

Unit 1 February 8, 2017
Unit 2 March 15, 2017
Unit 3 April 26, 2017 (important mailing date)

Registration Opens October 1st

Save a stamp. Register your team online.

Download and Print the Registration Form (PDF)

 For complete guidelines, schedule, and award details, read the GUIDELINES (PDF)


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