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Donald L. Norbie

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“Ye shall be witnesses unto me . . .” (Acts 1:8). Wherever T. B. Gilbert traveled he accepted this challenge. Even a casual encounter with any individual was an opportunity to open a conversation concerning the grace of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As T. B. Gilbert was faithful in sowing, he was also faithful in establishing local churches according to the New Testament pattern. This is the message of “He Loved To Plant.” It was Gilbert’s prayer that God’s leading in his life would encourage other pioneers of the faith now and in the future.

This biography explores the many facets and passions of T. B. Gilbert’s life and service to the Lord.

Donald L. Norbie, a Bible teacher and author, lives in Colorado. While attending high school in Tucson,Arizona, he was led to Christ by T. B. Gilbert in 1938 and began to fellowship with the Bible Chapel there.


After spending several years in the Navy during World War II, Donald returned to college. Since 1949 (when he received a Master of Arts degree from Wheaton College), he and his wife Marie have been active in Bible teaching and evangelism.

Of special interest to Donald is the New Testament church. Books that Donald has written include Acts: The Pattern Church, 1 Timothy: Timeless Truths, 2 Timothy and Titus, New Testament Church Organization, The Early Church, Divorce and the Bible, Baptism: The Church's Troubled Water, The Lord’s Supper: The Church's Love Feast, He Loved to Plant: A Biography of T. B. Gilbert, and Danny, A Life Cut Short.


Chapter 1 – Hardy Stock
Chapter 2 – A Godly Heritage
Chapter 3 – Disciplined by Business
Chapter 4 – Thrust Out
Chapter 5 – Early Enthusiasm
Chapter 6 – EstablishingAssemblies
Chapter 7 – Building a Nest
Chapter 8 – An Unexpected Move
Chapter 9 – The Shadow of Death
Chapter 10 – In Journeyings Oft
Chapter 11 – A New Helper
Chapter 12 – Tennessee Labors
Chapter 13 – Looking Back

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