Jail Impact Ministries Guidebook

Emmaus Correspondence School

Pages: 80
Size: 10.5" x 11.75"
Format: 3-Ring Binder

 The idea and vision behind Jail Impact Ministries is to meet the need of reaching the precious souls of men and women whose lives have been interrupted by prison time. As of 2008, over 2.3 million adult men and women were held in U.S. prisons and jails.

The courses provided for use in this ministry are published by Emmaus Correspondence School (ECS), part of ECS Ministries. Over 400,000 ECS courses are distributed annually to inmates in North America. Through the Emmaus Prison Ministry, the ECS courses have a proven track record in jail ministry.

Jail Impact Ministries combines the systematic study of biblical courses with the instruction and guidance offered by an instructor. Combining the resources of ECS with instructor interaction will provide student-inmates with solid biblical foundations that can transform lives. Courses have been developed for almost every need: for those with little or no Bible background, and for those who already know their way around in the Scriptures.

Many letters on file testify to the personal blessing people have received through these studies. We pray you too will be blessed by the joy of sharing God's Word through this ministry and the use of Emmaus Correspondence School materials.


Welcome to Jail Impact Ministries
Why Jail Impact Ministries?
General Policies of Jail Impact Ministries
Getting Started
Materials and Equipment
Using the Curriculum
Student Relationships and Requests
Appendix A: Personal Witnessing in Jails and Prisons
Chapter 1 – Remember the Prisoners
Chapter 2 – Ministering in the City Jail
Chapter 3 – The Trauma of Arrest and Prosecution
Chapter 4 – Profile of a Prisoner
Chapter 5 – Ministering in the Penitentiary
Chapter 6 – The Christian Convict
Chapter 7 – The Prison Widow
Chapter 8 – The Half-Way House
Chapter 9 – Ministering to the Prisoner's Family
Chapter 10 – Parole and Final Discharge
Chapter 11 – Ministering to the Ex-Offender
Chapter 12 – Long Term Effects of Incarceration
Chapter 13 – The Power of Prayer in Prison
Chapter 14 – The Prison Chaplain
Appendix B: Procedures for Student Services
Appendix C: Certificates and Form Sheets

The Jail Impact Ministries Guidebook also includes the following correspondence courses:
Born to Win
How to Succeed on the Streets
Men Who Met the Master
What the Bible Teaches
Lessons for Christian Living
I'll Take the High Road
The Gospel of John
God's Blueprint for Your Marriage
Proverbs For Life
Doing Time With Jesus
You Can Live Forever

The Jail Impact Ministries Guidebook also includes the following Q-forms:
Series Certificate (Q162)
Credit Certificate (Q167)
Student Transcript (Q163)
Student Activity Journal (Q164)
Monthly Report (Q165)


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