Mile Marker 4 – The Switchback Pack

Emmaus Correspondence School

Mile Marker 4 follows the example of Jesus on the Emmaus Road (Luke 24:13-27). This pack takes you back to the Old Testament Law and Prophets in order to see Jesus Christ “in all of the Scriptures.”

  1. Old Testament Law & History
  2. Old Testament Poetry & Prophecy
  3. Judges
  4. Gideon: Mighty Man of Valor
  5. Discovering Christ in the Psalms
  6. Ecclesiastes
  7. The Minor Prophets
  8. Jonah
  9. Bible Doctrines – Part 1

This includes:

  • The 9 essential course studies
  • Personalized answer sheets for each course
  • Prepaid return envelopes

*The Emmaus Road is a 7-part study designed to lead you to a fuller understanding of the Word of God, the Person of Jesus Christ, and the transforming power of knowing Him.

The Emmaus Road Continues...

Mile Markers:

1 –  The Essential Pack

2 –  Scenic Overview Pack

3 –  Trail Master Pack

4 –  The Switchback Pack

5 –  The Community Pack

6 –  The Summit Pack

7 –  Final Destination Pack

Sometime it is good to warmup before starting a walk. The Emmaus Road – Warmup Miles are specific packs designed for specifics needs or groups of people. 

The Warm Up Miles

0 – The Hope Pack (An evangelism tool)

0 – The Camp Pack (Followup for camp ministries)

0 – The Traveler Pack (Designed for refugees or people from Islamic background)

0 – The Freedom Pack (Designed for local jail inmates)

0 – The Children Pack (Sunday school classes or young people)

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