The Christian Woman in God's Family and Church

Harold G. Mackay

Pages: 48
Size: 5" x 7"
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-168-0
Format: Paperback

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The role of the Christian woman is under attack today by the continuous pressure of the world around us. After sixty years of service for the Lord and study of His Word, Harold G. Mackay sets forth in this booklet what is believed to be the teaching of the New Testament regarding the position and privileges of Christian women in the family of God and in His Church.


For over 50 years, Harold G. Mackay served his Lord, first in Canada, but then for decades in North Carolina. He was preeminently a Bible teacher, speaking at conferences in Canada and in the USA, as well as in his home assembly in Greensboro. His objective was to glorify the Lord by preaching the gospel and building up New Testament assemblies.


Table of Contents

Part 1—The Christian Woman in the Family of God
1 – Her Position
2 – Her Possessions
3 – Her Privileges
Part 2—The Christian Woman in the Church of God
1 – Her Position
2 – Her Possessions
3 – Her Privileges
4 – Her Prohibitions

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