Complete Foundation Series

Emmaus Correspondence School


 Now you can study your favorite correspondence courses anytime. This 7-volume set is perfect for in-depth study or for quick reference whenever you need it most.

Written by respected authors such as James M. Gray, R. E. Harlow, and C. Earnest Tatham, these courses make excellent tools for personal Bible study, teaching, or small group discussion. For a full description and detail information about each New Testament book included, click on the links below.

 Title  Pages 
 The Bible Speaks  112  James M. Gray
 The Bible—What's In It For You?  
 80  James T. Dyet
 The Coming King (Matthew)
 80  C. Earnest Tatham
 The Servant of God (Mark)
 32  R. E. Harlow
 Savior of the World (Luke)  64  E.G.W. Hay
 The Source of Life (John)
 80  William G. Bradshaw
 Good News for All (Romans)  80  William MacDonald

What the Bible Teaches is not included in this offer.

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